Hinke Kula - For Sale

(Tjalbert 460 x Tsjerk 328 Sport+Pref)

 For Sale to an approved home

   $ 14,000


Hinke Kula is out of our Crown Mare Rijkje Kula (Tsjerk 328 Sport+Pref). Hinke is a very elegant filly while also sporting a power build. She has excellent conformation with long legs, a very nice croup, vertical neck, beautiful strong neck and a small head. Her walk is very long and active and her trot is light and airy. Hinke is a one of the sweetest foals I've had the privilege of raising. She is from the famous Stam Line 50 and is full papered. Whether you have plans to compete or breed this filly would be an excellent addition to your herd. Hinke will be sold to an approved home.